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Prediction Game
Welcome to XOO-Cycling
XOO-Cycling performs a prediction game parallel to cycling road races. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible per race with selected riders. Registration and participation are free of charge.
Game mode
Pro Combination

In the game mode "Pro" you predict a combination of top 5, breakaway, categorized climbs, intermediate/finish sprints and jerseys.

It's a complex game mode, but it offers many classifications and functions. Your victories and achievements are listed on your personal palmarès/profile page.

All "Pro" players also take part in the game mode "Light" with their top 5 predictions automatically.

Light Top 5 only

The game mode "Light" is limited to a top 5 prediction. Predict five riders in correct order who pass the finish line first.

This game mode offers fewer classifications and functions, but is easier for the player and does not take up much time for a prediction.

XOO-Saison 2022

Thursday, September 30th, 2021 - 11:45 AM CEST  -  1 Comment

This season is in preparation
XOO-Season 2022
Calendar - Vote now!35 days left

Choose your favorites for the upcoming XOO-Season from over 80 races.
The XOO-Race calendar will be made up according to the player's interests and the race series will be announced after the voting as soon as possible. Voting ends on January 5th, 2022.
Calendar 2022

Season teams

In addition to the single player mode, you can participate with other players in a season team in the team competition. A team must consist of 3 players.
Form a team

Races of XOO-Season 2021