About the game

XOO-Cycling Prediction Game

XOO-Cycling performs a prediction game parallel to cycling road races. The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible per race with selected riders.

Prediction Game

The annual race calendar includes all major stage races and one-day races and will be staged as XOO-Season. The races are organized in race series: World Tour, Grand Tour, Classics or the continent restricted Europe/Asia/America/Oceania-Tour. You can participate in all races, or just compete in certain events or race series. It's your free choice.

Classifications & Jerseys

Each race offers several classifications and jerseys. Win them all, or just focus on one of these: overall, mountains, points, combination, combativity, under 26 young rider, over 49 senior, team and national classification.

Game mode & Predictions

ProGame mode

For each race and stage a combination is predicted: Top 5, categorized climbs, intermediate/finish sprints and classification leaders (jerseys). Add a rider as joker and some breakaway riders and you are ready for the race.

LightGame mode

Game Mode "Light" is limited to a simple top 5 prediction. Predict five riders in correct order who will pass the finish line first.


All predicted riders are revealed after the deadline. The percentage distribution is shown separately for each category.

Real-time points

Race results are recorded in real time. Follow intermediate standings and your position in the peloton during the race.

Palmarès & Profile

Your palmarès summarizes all victories and successes and shows your career at a glance. Customize your profile with personal information and make it unique.


Track your progress with over 50 unlockable achievements. An internal index, the so-called "XOO-Level" is calculated from all achievements and can be compared with other players.

Performance data & statistics

Analyze your results and performance data of every race. Your data is diagrammed in many ways.

Hall of Fame

Race winners, World Champions and the best predictions of all time are published and immortalized in the Hall of Fame.


Share opinions with the community through comments, forums, chats or private mailbox.

XOO-Cycling Prediction Game
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