Vuelta a España 2018

Vuelta a España 2018
XOO-Nation Classification
# Nation Ø Average
1 GermanyGermany
sparta, Fabu, Zachi, chris777666, olympushb, Uli10, supermarct, dynamo75, Bergziege93
Ø 861.11

The minimum number of players for inclusion in the nation classification is 3.
The nation which determines the maximum number of players for this nation classification: Germany (9 Players, 21 Predictions).
Germany Germany (12)
Germanysparta1013 XP
GermanyFabu896 XP
GermanyZachi893 XP
Germanychris777666882 XP
Germanyolympushb856 XP
GermanyUli10834 XP
Germanysupermarct832 XP
Germanydynamo75831 XP
GermanyDal776 XP
↓ not in national team ↓
GermanyTuk7757 XP
GermanyBergziege93713 XP
GermanySith358 XP
Switzerland Switzerland (4)
SwitzerlandXOO-Chatbot977 XP
SwitzerlandChilloMillo809 XP
SwitzerlandBobby788 XP
SwitzerlandBlattner781 XP
United States United States (3)
United StatesSpace Cowboy951 XP
United Statesricycle947 XP
United Statesicecupe829 XP

Colombia Colombia (no national team)
ColombiaJuancycling187 XP
Spain Spain (no national team)
France France (no national team)
FranceNapoleon129 XP
Belgium Belgium (no national team)
BelgiumManuel Peerboom828 XP
Austria Austria (no national team)
AustriaRamirez964 XP
Netherlands Netherlands (no national team)
Netherlandskabo12874 XP
Norway Norway (no national team)
NorwayLama375 XP
Poland Poland (no national team)
PolandGrzesiek786 XP
Italy Italy (no national team)
ItalyZeus141 XP